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Aria Rose - Lip Balm

Aria Rose - Lip Balm

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Nourishing and Hydrating this is the Lip Balm of your dreams.

**COFFEE** Ahhhh rich dark coffee, the smell of roasted beans brewing, it is like no other.

**PINA COLADA** Coconut milk, juicy pineapple and crushed ice take you away with the island blend.

**VANILLA LATTE** Rich bourbon vanilla combines with creamy steamed milk and smooth coffee nuances

**PINK LEMONADE** A delightful and sweet mix of lemon and lime with the perfect hint of pink sugar. 

**COCONUT PEAR** Watery crisp freshness of a perfectly picked pear with a touch of coconut.

**BUBBLE GUM** Lip-smacking goodness of strawberry, sun burst orange, and spun sugar with a hint of mint to keep it fresh. Delicious!

**CUPCAKE** Yummy frosting brings a smile to the face with its rich creaminess and sweet vanilla flavor.

**MANGO** Tropical freshness from bright citrus aspects combine with the rich sweetness of mango.

**STRAWBERRY SORBET** A blend of iced strawberries with a touch of citrus freshness.

**LEMON LIME** Fizzy and effervescent is the blend of fresh lemons and lime.

**FRUIT PUNCH** A blend of fresh citrus, sweet pineapple and guava.

**ROOT BEER** A bitter but still sweet blend of vanilla, licorice and a touch of mint.

**LAVENDER + PEPPERMINT** Lavender & peppermint essential oils heals your lips with a touch of cool feeling.

**DULCHE DE LECHE** Sweet caramel perfectly blended with decadent condensed milk.

**HONEY TEA** Sweet delicious notes of honey blend with the fresh tea nuances in a perfect combination

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