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PJ Cold Brew Concentrate

PJ Cold Brew Concentrate

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Hooked on PJ? We get it.

Make your own iced drinks at home with our cold brew concentrate. We offer ~ 16 oz or 32 oz size, made with our PJ Blend. 


Here's how to use it:

1.5 oz = 1 shot 

( we use 2 shots in our 16 oz drinks, for reference )

Grab your favorite cup, then grab some ice. Measure out your desired amount of cold brew shots and add to water for a classic cold brew OR add to your favorite milk for a latté. Add some flavored syrup or whipped cream if you're feeling crazy. 

Don't forget a straw, of course. Post your pretty drink proudly and tag us!


We take pride in our signature, fan-favorite Patina Joe Blend. Our beans are locally hand-roasted in small batches to extract the perfect flavor. The PJ Blend is a smooth, medium blend that gives a unique taste to create a hand-crafted, quality source of caffeine. 

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